The Success Equation

Operating within belief, the key components for change, are imagination, motivation, and anticipation. If you can imagine something and it's within reason, mostly likely you will achieve it (Hadley and Staudacher,1996). What the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve. Research has shown that when an event is vividly imagined, the body's internal system reacts in the precise same way it would if the activity were actually happening.

The Victim Mentality

Our society is full of people who, through their own limiting beliefs, have settled into becoming victims of their circumstances. They feel powerless to make changes in their lives because they think that the elements of their lives are out of their control. All too often they're quick to ask, "Why do bad things keep happening to me? "You probably know someone like this. They are the "why me?" people who always seem to have an excuse for the things in their life that aren't working. And much of what is in their lives isn't working as well as it could be.

Boost Your Job Search With Hypnotic Techniques: More About Step One and On to Step Two

If Step One, deleting the terminated job from your thoughts, was very difficult to impossible, you are in good company. If we stop to consider how many applicants there are for a given job, and if a certain percentage of them lost the previous job under stressful circumstances, and then we multiply that vague figure by every job that is now open, it is clear that multitudes are at risk for perseverating on thoughts of the old job and how they might have done things differently or had things done differently to them, or both.