What will I need to learn to become a Hypnotherapist?

You will need knowledge in a range of general hypnosis topics, training and practice in specific methods and techniques, and specialty or niche knowledge to become a hypnotherapist. There is a list of these in the PDF guide, "Becoming a Hypnotherapist: The Confidence Equation". See the last page, Appendix A: Topics of Study for Hypnotherapists.

In order to operate your own business as a hypnotherapist, you'll also need basic competency in business skills such as bookkeeping and business banking, office management, business networking and marketing, and business planning and operations. You can also plan to hire other professionals to help you in those areas as well as things like legal help and taxes.

One of the most exciting aspects of being a hypnotherapist is applying it to other health specialities in which you are already trained and certified, or applying it to specialty applications like sports performance, pain control or other special interest you may have.