Do I have to set up my own business?

Hypnotherapy is a flexible business, and that's one of the best things about it.

It is common to open your own office, or to rent an office space in a healing center or counselor's cooperative center. However, you can also work under the umbrella of another business, and be a staff member of an established hypnotherapy group, a chiropractor's office, a medical clinic, a psychotherapy practice, or alternative healing group.

All of these are business arrangements that you will have to find and develop yourself. Currently, there aren't usually ads in the local paper looking for hypnotherapists like you'd find ads for nurses, computer workers, or truck drivers.

As a hypnotherapist, you'll need to make your own place in the world. Many people do that each and every year. Professional organizations like AAPH can help you with information about marketing, getting started, providing scripts and office form samples, manage technology and the Internet for business, and more.