New AAPH Website

As members have, no doubt, already noticed, we have a new website!

We're excited about the new capabilities and operation of our new web site, and we have plans to bring even more benefits and online functions to our members (keep an eye out for announcements!)

We'll be adding content into the new site as we bring over articles, blogs posts, and the entire AAPH Library from the old web files. We appreciate your patience.

Common Questions

Q: Will the referral database be part of the new site?
A: Yes! And it will be better than ever.

Q: I can't log in. Why not?
A: All members will need to change their passwords on their web accounts to use the new site. Also, we are now importing over two thousand member accounts into the new site. You might not be able to log in if we haven't imported your profile yet. If you like, send us an email and we'll put your account to the top of the import work list! (Be sure to include your full name as it appeared on your membership application in the email!)

Q: Hey! My blog posts are gone!
A: They aren't gone; they just aren't showing up yet. We'll be importing them into the new site soon.

Q: I have another question.
A: Please contact us by email and we'll answer all your questions. Thank you for your patience as we bring the new site online!