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Book: Nine Shift, Work, life and education in the 21st century

Study Group Materials (required)

This easy-to-read book gives a fascinating and revealing analysis of the transition of the agricultural age to the industrial age (1900-1920) and how it parallels the transition from the industrial age to the information age (2000-2020). The parallels will astonish you.

This book, published in 2004, has proven itself prophetic and accurate. Nine shift: not only nine big shifts in society and work, but named because you will spend nine hours a day in 2020 completely differently than you spent those nine hours in 2000 (the work-day hours). The same was true in 1920. The authors make the observation that if the you of today were placed in a kitchen in 1920, you could make dinner without much trouble: the workings and methods are all familiar to you. If the you of today were placed in a kitchen in 1900, however, you would most likely be quite lost: the kitchens of America transformed that much in just twenty years.

The marketplace and rules of money and fortunes also transformed in those twenty years, ushering in a era of wealth, production and standards of living higher than ever before in history. And it is happening again, right now.

This is an important read for anyone working today, but it is especially important for those who are working for themselves. Get the big picture on how business and work are transforming and transitioning, and how you can take part in the new wealth and opportunity.

At 270 pages and 14 chapters, this is a 7-week study group, covering two chapters a week. This study group is worth 0.8 ILU's or 8 CEUs, based on 4.5 hours of reading and 3.5 hours of group participation over 7 weeks.

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